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A Driver for Social and Economic Development

In all of our host regions, the heritage of past generations is a precious asset that unites communities, affirms their identity and structures their future. A source of openness and empowerment, culture enables people to expand their horizons and develop skills that are essential to social cohesion. And by creating job opportunities and driving tourism and economic development, culture also contributes to the vitality and appeal of our host regions.

Cultural Dialogue:
A Key Aspect of Our Operations

TotalEnergies owes its success to the thousands of men and women, located in 130 countries and representing 150 different nationalities, who work with each other and with our local host communities worldwide. Cultural dialogue is therefore a core component of our day-to-day business practices. Respect for other people’s cultures, religions, backgrounds and beliefs is critical to the creation of a united corporate community. 

A Focus on Including
and Benefiting Young People 

TotalEnergies Foundation has made a conscious decision to systematically include young people in the cultural programs it supports. This might be by encouraging the emergence of artistic initiatives that give them opportunities for self-expression and growth, training them in cultural heritage restoration to enhance their employability, or initiating them into the art of playing music in an orchestra. Each of the programs supported by the Foundation therefore plays a part in empowering young people to fulfill their potential, enhancing social cohesion among communities, and fostering commitment and self-confidence in younger generations. 

Find out about the Fondation TotalEnergies’ other three priority areas​

To achieve our aim of showcasing the fertile, diverse and vibrant cultural traditions in our host regions, we take concerted action with the following three priorities in mind:

  • Preserving and promoting architectural and cultural heritage, through restoration projects and exhibitions.
  • Supporting young artists and the emergence of innovative, inclusive art projects.
  • Facilitating access to cultural activities and arts education for socially vulnerable young people.

Solidarity in Action

In the Heart of Host Regions

Find out about Totalenergies Foundation’s
other three priority areas​