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Opening new possibilities for young people

Find out all about the new communication campaign by TotalEnergies Foundation on its commitment to young people, throughout France.

Where in the past, young people have seen doors closed to them, the Foundation works alongside its partners, to open new possibilities for young people to succeed, by supporting initiatives in careers, training, and professional inclusion. Over the last three years, 50,000 young people have already benefited from the program.

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Communication campaign by TotalEnergies Foundation

She’s been told she’s useless
And because she’s little, she believes it.
She doesn’t dare put her hand up anymore,
even when she knows the answer.
She laughs as she says “I’m just thick”
it’s becoming her trademark.
She doesn’t even try at school anymore.
She doesn’t care, she forgets,
as for the future, she’ll see what happens.
In fact, she’s got talent,
but she doesn’t know it yet.
The reality is that too many kids hit dead ends like this.
Let’s help them find new professional opportunities.

In France, around 95,000 young people leave the education system* every year with no qualifications.
(Source: French National Education (DEPP) 2021.)

Over the last three years, TotalEnergies Foundation has contributed to the successful career debuts of 50,000 young people.

TotalEnergies Foundation for youth