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Our Inclusion and Education actions

Youth unemployment and insecurity have worrying, even dramatic, consequences worldwide in economic and human terms. In France, around 95,000 young people leave the education system* every year with no qualifications.

TotalEnergies' commitment to helping young people is driven by the firm belief that sustainable development cannot be achieved without effective solutions to promote their professional and social inclusion. They are instrumental in both the future of the territories and their vitality. 

TotalEnergies believes that it has a responsibility to take action and contribute to having a positive social impact in all of its host regions across the world. Beyond our economic, social and societal contribution, we are determined to provide young people who have been left behind by the system, with opportunities to reach their full potential by developing their know-how and soft skills. In this way, we are committed to helping socially vulnerable young people to become independent so that they can take their future into their own hands and gain easier access to future career possibilities.

*Source: French National Education (DEPP) 2021.

Three Drivers to Facilitate the Success of Young People

Tangible results can only be achieved by working together with educational and social stakeholders. For this reason, we work in partnership with other companies, associations and schools that offer original approaches, in order to:

  • Foster academic success and soft skills, as self-confidence and an understanding of appropriate social and professional behavior are springboards to opportunities for young people
  • Promote access to general and vocational training, especially in industrial disciplines.
  • Integrate and make it easier to access the world of work in particular by supporting entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The Steering Committee for the Inclusion and Education

The Steering Committee for the Inclusion and Education priority area assists the Board of Directors and meets twice a year. It has 11 members divided into two bodies:

  • A body comprising TotalEnergies representatives: six members representing TotalEnergies.
  • A body comprising five outside specialists in inclusion and education.

Our other priority focus areas for youth