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Through the Action! program, all employees can devote up to three days of their working time per year to citizenship initiatives near their place of work.

The goal of the employee volunteer program is to:

  • Support your operational activities.
  • Support the beneficiaries of your associations.
  • Encourage new volunteers to take part.

Thierry Adolphe, Head of the Action! Program

You can offer three types of initiatives:

Helping Hand

Initiatives that are not directly related to the employee’s professional skills
For example, clearing ground, collecting foodstuffs for associations, gift-wrapping at store exits, heritage restoration projects, photographing biodiversity, etc.


Initiatives that require the employee’s professional skills
For example, helping an association with its communication skills, financial management or HR organization, etc.


Long-term support initiative for a young person
For example, mentoring by supporting a young person with their professional career, for at least six months.

Initiatives can be either short term (1 to 2 hrs) or long term (up to 3 days). They can be one off, or recurrent (12 x 2 hrs) - it’s up to you to decide on the format with us, to make sure we strike the right balance between needs and volunteer availability.