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Creating partnerships

TotalEnergies Foundation is intent on developing a relationship with its partners that goes beyond purely financial support. To achieve this, it prioritizes commitments in the long term and makes sure that projects are monitored on a regular basis throughout the given partnership. The foundation also supports them with any obstacles to development.

Community of Partners

By encouraging partnerships, TotalEnergies Foundation has brought together all its partners in a community designed to help them get to know one another, provide a forum for discussion and also be a place for sharing resources, capitalizing on expertise and galvanizing partnerships between associative and sponsorship partners.

This initiative is reflected in tangible actions such as the Partners’ Day, which brings the entire community of partners together once a year, to get to know one another better and work more efficiently together.

  • 36
    associations have benefited from this initiative since 2020.
  • The support offer

    TotalEnergies corporate Foundation endeavors to offer its associative partners access to high quality support, adapted to suit their needs. The areas covered range from digital technologies to strategic advice, through communication, an economic model and impact measurement, carried out by external experts.

The SDG 17 fund

In 2015, the United Nations international community collectively set 17 sustainable development goals to respond to global challenges, in particular those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental protection, economic growth, peace and justice, to achieve sustainable development by 2030. The 17th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG17) has the specificity of being a lever without which none of the other goals can be achieved.

By encouraging the construction of partnerships to attain these goals, the SDG17 expresses a vision shared by TotalEnergies Foundation throughout its 30 years of existence: it’s by taking action together that we can tackle shared challenges.

In 2020, TotalEnergies Foundation forged a partnership with the RAMEAU - a partnership innovations laboratory. It was created in 2006 with multiple objectives in mind, including qualifying partnership challenges, experimenting, sharing and the large-scale deployment of innovative solutions. The brainchild of this partnership is the SDG17 fund - a mechanism to support innovative efforts. With its action-focused resources - territorial data, tools & resources, networks, engineering contributions, governance dialog, direct financing and valorization - it is a tangible tool to encourage “the creation of partnerships” among all categories of stakeholders.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier
Senior Vice President Citizenship Engagement
General Delegate of TotalEnergies Foundation

In 2023, the objective of TotalEnergies Foundation is to strengthen its commitment to young people. And to do so, we naturally need to take further action together with our partners as part of a momentum to build together and create partnerships, because that is our conviction.
Today, we need to offer as many solutions as possible that promote the education and inclusion of the most vulnerable young people.