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Combatting Global Warming
on All Fronts

In 2015, the COP 21 climate conference brought about a strong wave of public awareness, made official by commitments from a number of stakeholders with one major objective: limit global warming to less than 2°C by 2100. Achieving such an ambitious task means leveraging all available resources.

By 2035, our ambition is to have close to 20% of our portfolio made up of low-carbon businesses, while maintaining profitable growth in these areas.

TotalEnergies Foundation, for its part, is a committed supporter of projects that preserve coastal areas and oceans.

Preserving coastal areas and oceans,
the Lungs of the Planet

Oceans play a key role in regulating the climate. Through physical and biological processes, they produce 50% of the oxygen that we breathe, absorb 25% of our CO2 and capture more than 90% of additional heat1. Moreover, coastal areas and oceans are essential to human life, be it for food, transportation, the economy or leisure. Nearly 2.4 billion people (around 40% of the world’s population) live within 100 kilometers of the coast2

However, rising temperatures due to past and current global greenhouse gas emissions are leading to higher sea levels and the displacement of adaptable species. Greater amounts of dissolved CO2 are increasing oceans’ acidity, which has untold harmful consequences for biodiversity. Climate change is also fueling extreme weather events in the oceans. And yet, coral reefs, mangroves, wetlands and other ecosystems play a key role in mitigating the effects of climate change and protect coasts from storms and submersion risks.

Mindful of these challenges, we fund citizen-led initiatives in France and worldwide to protect marine and coastal ecosystems, linking them to applied-research, awareness and education campaigns exploring the interactions between the climate, coastal areas and oceans. We also support community initiatives aimed at building young people’s knowledge of coastal areas.

1 Source: High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Coastal Areas and Oceans,
a Vast Host Region for the Company

TotalEnergies Foundation strives to take action that benefits the Company’s host regions and the communities that live and work there. Helping to preserve coastal areas and oceans is part of this approach. Many of the Company’s operations are based in coastal areas and oceans, from exploration and production to offshore wind, maritime transportation and refining.

Furthermore, the Fondation supported several research programs dedicated to marine biodiversity from 1992 to 2017, reflecting our long-standing commitment and making TotalEnergies a trusted partner in these areas. 

Three drivers to take action in coastal areas and oceans against the backdrop of climate change:

  • Supporting grassroots initiatives to preserve coastal and ocean ecosystems.
  • Helping to develop and share knowledge on the interactions between the climate, coastal areas and oceans by involving research players, young people and the general public.
  • Bridging the gap between young people and our coasts, by backing projects designed to educate young audiences about coastal environments and promoting vocational training in sustainable coastal and marine management.

Solidarity in Action

In the Heart of Host Regions 

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