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“Creating partnerships”

The partners of TotalEnergies Foundation share their experience

“Creating partnerships”: the partners share their experience

“Creating partnerships”: the partners of TotalEnergies Foundation share their experience

Alicia Izard
General Manager - Eloquentia

We're partnering with TotalEnergies Foundation first because they provide long-term support. They're familiar with our topics and challenges and we have a very open dialogue with TotalEnergies Foundation, when it comes to telling them what we need, what has to change in the relationship, so "creating partnerships" is a good definition.

Damien Baldin
General Director - La Fondation La France s’engage

The support from TotalEnergies, is a commitment that's financial, of course, but also strategic, and it's also about providing human resources. Providing what we call "skills-based sponsorship". It's also providing commitment from personnel. A partnership, is also crucial when it comes to fighting for causes. Causes such as social innovation, social inequalities, youth poverty are worth fighting for. And we need to fight for these causes together.

Johanna Legru
General Delegate - Alliance pour l’Education – United Way

It's all about being in this partnership mindset on a daily basis, working together, thinking together using the expertise, at the Foundation, of what actually happens in the field, on other issues, with other associations, other target populations.

Nathalie Germain
Delegate for actions and patronage - Auteurs Solidaires

For me "creating partnerships" means receiving even more support especially in our project development and dissemination strategy nationwide in France.

Benjamin Serfati
Purchasing Manager - Les Sauveteurs en Mer (lifeboat crew and lifeguards) – SNSM

"Creating partnerships" means much more than that. For me, this partnership carries a crucial element, i.e. transformation. The transformation of our association, thanks to this support, through our image, through training, through safety, and the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that our volunteers use.

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo
Founder and Director - Tyme Education

It's also "creating partnerships" with the affiliates, with their personnel, “creating partnerships” with education and transport authorities. "Creating Partnerships" is doubtless the most beautiful thing to say when you're interested in education in any way, shape or form.

Thank you to all our partners for sharing their experience.

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