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20/12/2022 News

TotalEnergies Foundation and its 80 partners working together for youth

Wednesday, December 07, 2022. It’s the big day. TotalEnergies Foundation invited its 80 partners to spend a day together on the site of L’Industreet in Stains. A key moment for meetings and discussions focused on a theme close to their hearts: “Working together for youth.”

“I’m happy to see all our public interest partners gathered here today, hand in hand with our Company: all mobilized to play their parts, to create fairer, more inclusive & sustainable models together.” It’s with these words that Namita Shah, President of TotalEnergies Foundation and President OneTech, welcomed the partner associations invited.

The watchword was clear: to create partnerships and wager on collective action to help young people, left on the sidelines by the system, to flourish, express their potential and find their path. And why not encourage them to work for the common good too? This is precisely the topic that was addressed during the first round table: “Young people’s commitment to public interest: a way to become an enlightened citizen?”

Our partners then played the speed-meeting game, dynamic and lively meetings that enabled everyone to get to know one another, discover the wide range of projects, form bonds, and exchange views on common issues. The associations present also took part in theme-based workshops, where they received practical advice to complement the financial support provided by the Foundation. Subjects such as the diversification of funding methods, changes in scale, and creating loyalty among volunteers were all addressed.

Tours of L’Industreet were also organized to introduce the partners to this unique campus designed on the initiative of TotalEnergies, and which offers free training to young people, with or without qualifications, who wish to turn toward cutting-edge and highly sought-after professions. Lastly, during the forum devoted to TotalEnergies Foundation, the various structures present were able to learn more about the Company’s different areas of commitment, the initiatives developed to accompany them in addition to financial support, and the employee volunteer program.

Guided throughout the day by pairs of young people, including students of L’Industreet, the partners were thus given the opportunity to forge ties, and consider new partnerships to strengthen the impact of their actions for youth.

At the end of the day, Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Foundation and Senior Vice President Public Interest, underlined the wealth of the day’s discussions and the importance of federating partners within a living community. “I hope this day has been productive and will have a positive impact on coming actions. I also hope it will have helped prepare the ground for growing even more partnerships and collective actions for youth,” he concluded.

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TotalEnergies Foundation Partners’ Day 2022

TotalEnergies Foundation Partners’ Day
Working together for youth.
December 07, 2022. 

Namita Shah
President of TotalEnergies Foundation
President, OneTech

Hello. Hello everybody. Thanks for being here with us today for this 3rd working day with our partners.
I’m here today not just as President of the Foundation, but also as a member of the Comex, to show you that this is why we exist, this is what we want to achieve, this is what the Company's commitment means beyond the actions of the Foundation.
We've also found out that there's a strength among the associations, and when it comes to the fore at this kind of event, they manage to form links. And that’s how we encourage the emergence of new ideas.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier
Senior Vice President Citizenship Engagement.
General Delegate of TotalEnergies Foundation

We've welcomed over 100 people here today as representatives from around 80 organizations, and we’ve worked to put on a varied program. Time for chatting, to get to know one another and share best practices. Time to inspire others and be inspired, time for learning from one another. It’s also been a wonderfully convivial event, because it’s all the result of a collective momentum for the benefit of the common good, and everyone has been very enthusiastic.

Speaker 3 There are more than 1,000 volunteers...

Speaker 4  ...And to give young people the chance to take part in projects to protect the environment.  

Speaker 5 Young people are one of the French Red Cross’ main target populations.... 

Johanna Legru
General Delegate
Alliance for education – United Way

When we come up against so many issues and problems regarding not just young people,  we need a lot of people to work together, and that’s the kind of project we can organize at days like this one. We can share ideas, discuss things and build common projects, supported by the Foundation.

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo
Founder and Director of Tyme Education

We have a real notion of community, a community of entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, people who work for the common good, and that’s really something.   And on top of that, we're meeting at L’Industreet, a venue that embodies several of these values and which is at the heart of the education & inclusion approach. I think that’s wonderful.

Alice Barret
Responsible for Corporate philanthropy
Association pour le Rayonnement de l’Opéra national de Paris 

We had a speed meeting this morning. It’s interesting to be able to chat to people in the same sector and learn different ways of doing things and think about possible partnerships.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier

It’s great to see all our partners together in the same place, and even better to see them at L’Industreet which is highly symbolic for TotalEnergies. That’s what we were hoping to do because we really wanted to be able to talk to them as a whole, but we also wanted them to be able to talk to one other. And that’s why we were so happy to have this time together.

Speaker 6 One, two, three...