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Self-confidence, team spirit, perseverance, respect for rules and for others and the determination to push yourself to new heights are just some of the sporting values that translate into the soft skills essential for success in the workplace.

Using sport as a lever to support the employment of the most vulnerable young people, encourage the expression of individual talents and contribute to equal opportunities is at the heart of the programs for inclusion through sport proposed by three of the partners of TotalEnergies Foundation:

L’Agence Nationale de l’Education Par le Sport (APELS) is deploying its Déclics sportifs program for inclusion through sport, the aim of which is to train young people and accompany them in the project’s partner company having set aside a number of jobs for such candidates. The backing of TotalEnergies Foundation contributes to training around 60 new coaches for inclusion through sport and to supporting 600 young people over three years.

Through its program Passe Décisive, Sport Dans La Ville offers individual and customized support to young people aged 16 to 25 without jobs and who are not in school or in training. The backing of TotalEnergies Foundation contributes to accompanying 1,000 young people over two years.

Through its program Insertion Rugby, targeting priority areas and specialized structures, Rebonds! aims to use rugby as a tool for the education and inclusion of vulnerable young people. TotalEnergies Foundation is supporting spin-off programs in the French departments of the Hautes Pyrénées and the Tarn, helping to give access to the values of rugby at different levels to more than 800 young people and individually accompanying around 50 young people in vulnerable situations.