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Bintou's testimony - Automated Line Manager

Bintou's testimony - Automated Line Manager

You have to be thick-skinned, a fighter.

If I’ve managed it, then you can succeed too.

L’Industreet, Initiative of TotalEnergies Fondation

Young people talk about it the best

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name's Sangaré Bintou and I’m 24.

I got my certification from L’Industreet as an Automated Line Manager.

What brought you to L’Industreet?

I did a Bac Pro in business. Then I did an HND in tourism.

I went on to do a degree in territorial planning.I didn't particularly enjoy the degree and I discovered the industrial sector.

I discovered the professions as Automated Line Manager and that’s what I enjoy.

I’m happy to be here today.

Tell us about yourself

I was a bit lost to start with in terms of the different sectors.
Then I integrated the the sector as as an Automated Line Manager.

So the 1st part, was really about knowing the sector, how to handle objects.
And later I went on to learn about the lines.

I did all that in 9 months.

What did you like the most at L’Industreet?

There are lots of things I liked at L’Industreet. And particularly BCAM for women fighting breast cancer.

It’s a sizeable challenge that we managed in 10 days.
It’s the best thing I did at L’Industreet.

An anecdote from your time at L’Industreet?

We were in teams of 18, so I started at 6 a.m. and finished at 2 p.m.

In fact, I had to train the Director. The funny thing was that I was giving them orders whereas that's usually our managers' job.

So “You, do this, You, do that.”
We had a good laugh. “You’re giving me orders now because that’s not what it’s usually like.”

But in fact, they went along with it and it was great fun.

Any advice for girls wanting to enroll?

In the industrial world, there aren’t many women and on my internship, I could see it, I found out about it and experienced it.

I had to make my mark. You have to be thick-skinned, a fighter.

If I’ve managed it, then you can succeed too.

What’s the next step for you?

We’ve got a partner company Called Orangina Suntory, where I did my internship and it went really well. So they’ve offered me a contract.

I’m happy, really happy!