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Protecting Coastal Forest Ecosystems


Since 2018, TotalEnergies Foundation has been one of the main corporate patrons of France’s National Forestry Board (ONF) and has supported its initiatives to restore and raise awareness about protecting French forests. As part of the redirection of its commitment to Climate, Coastal Areas and Oceans, the Foundation joined the ONF’s “Agir pour la forêt” fund in late 2020.

On the coast, forests play an essential environmental role as reservoirs of biodiversity, in fighting against soil erosion and in adapting to climate change. However, in these areas, the balance between economic and ecological issues is often threatened, risking damage to the forests.

Through a new agreement (2020-2022), TotalEnergies Foundation is contributing to the ONF’s “Agir pour la forêt” (Taking action for forests) fund. The aim is to promote coastal forest initiatives to restore the forests, conserve their biodiversity and raise public awareness, particularly amongst young people, on the importance of these ecosystems. 

Conservation, Restoration, Awareness: Actions on All Fronts

On France’s Atlantic coast, the Foundation is financing a study for carrying out experiments (planting, awareness-raising, etc.) aimed at strengthening white dunes, which serve as a barrier protecting against extreme weather events and as a shelter for a wide range of species.

In the Bouches-du-Rhône area of France, fires are the main threat to forests. In 2020, the fire in the Castillon state forest destroyed the vegetation and the equipment in place for walkers. A restoration program has been set up to rehabilitate these areas and prevent further fires. On Sainte-Marguerite island, protection measures through ecological engineering projects have been carried out to safeguard common terns, migratory birds which nest on the Batéguier lake.

Overseas, in Guadeloupe, a rewilding project is under way on part of the state-owned Port Louis forest. Information boards will also be installed to raise public awareness. In Reunion, planting programs have begun and an educational wildlife area set up in the La Source forest, a popular hiking spot which was damaged by Cyclone Fakir (April 2018).

Forests help humans in many ways, so it’s crucial that we act together to protect them.