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What country?


In Koko, a small port town on the West African coast


Who for?

Young men and women


What actions?

TotalEnergies and the Koko Partnership Consultative Committee, which represents members of the Koko community, are empowering young people through a local skills acquisition program offering training in various areas, including welding, joinery, fashion design and beauty, IT, fishing and farming.

Five candidates from the Koko community are selected each year to complete a one-year training course based on individual interviews. Beneficiaries also receive assistance to cover their transportation and meal costs for the duration of their training.

On completion of the training, TotalEnergies and the Koko Partnership Consultative Committee support these young people for the first two years after they set up their businesses. TotalEnergies provides them with an Introductory Guide to Entrepreneurship and a comprehensive set of SME start-up tools which contain everything they need to start off on the right foot.

Supported by TotalEnergies Foundation, the program gives these young people the opportunity to contribute to the economic development of the Koko community by establishing businesses and creating jobs.


What impacts?

Since it was first set up in 2006, the program has trained 64 people.

Each beneficiary has employed an average of two people at their SME, thereby creating value in their community.