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08/03/2023 News

Things are changing for women in industry!

Young women who choose professions in the technical sectors often face challenges and need to show boldness and determination. However, there are still reasons to be optimistic when it comes to the future and place of women in industrial sectors. 

Many organizations have taken measures to encourage women to join these sectors while technological developments have created new opportunities for them. The labor market in technical sectors is now more than ever, favorable to recruiting women. 

TotalEnergies is one of the companies that supports equal opportunities, as demonstrated by the creation of the L’Industreet campus. The TotalEnergies Foundation started L’Industreet with the aim of offering free, certified training to young people with or without qualifications. The objective is to help them acquire cutting-edge competencies in a rapidly growing sector, while aiming for balanced representation with 50% of young women (currently around 25%). Each day, the L’Industreet teams seek to encourage and boost the students’ self-confidence by highlighting their competencies and showing them the important role they have to play in this sector. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, the L’Industreet team reaffirms its full commitment to the feminization of industrial professions and invites young women and companies to consider this prospect with a fresh look. 

Watch the video called “Things are changing for women in industry!” to discover the joint interviews of Néné, Marie-Ghislaine, Louis, Sophie, Sylvie, Mickaël and Sophie.

Things are changing for women in industry!

Things are changing for women in industry!

Néné Niang – Student (Building Information Modeling course) – L’Industreet

I've never felt as if people would deliberately make things difficult. I’ve never been as enthusiastic about a profession.

“Things are changing for women in industry!”

Marie-Ghislaine Cadeau – Non-Destructive Testing Instructor / L’Industreet

Yes, things have changed, in Non-Destructive Testing for example; plenty of women are starting to join this profession.

Louis Verneuil – Head of the Non-Destructive Testing Department / L’Industreet

We’re currently seeing an increase in the number of women in industry, in all professions, mainly in design offices or in quality, but I've seen courses with women training as welders or boilermakers, and things were going really well for them. 

Sophie Pentel – HR Manager, specialized in Non-Destructive Testing / Mistras France

Women are much less present than men in the industrial sector, but things are starting to change, as some prejudices and constraints are being lifted.

Louis Verneuil 

Throughout my years of experience, I've been pleased to see more and more women with senior positions in the industry and in Non-Destructive Testing.

Sylvie Charenton – HR Manager for technicians & diversity, inclusion and disability advisor / Air France Industries

We need to continue to help mentalities change, to break down stereotypes, because there’s a place for everyone in industry. 

Marie-Ghislaine Cadeau

There still aren’t many female students at L’Industreet but things are changing.

Louis Verneuil 

To start with, when I arrived, there were only male students and, as the academic years passed, female students began to arrive.

Marie-Ghislaine Cadeau 

They’re all different, they each have their own strengths and their own place here.

Néné Niang 

When I went to building forums, I could tell it was a very male-dominated environment but that didn’t stop me.

In fact, they really encourage us to enroll, and it’s not because we’re women that we should limit our choices.

Louis Verneuil 

I really try to support them by pointing out the qualities they have. But that’s where I come in, and my job is to help them understand that they are more than capable and have their rightful place in this profession.

Néné Niang 

In any case, the entire team at L’Industreet encourages me to aim high. We really do get a lot of support.

Louis Verneuil 

It’s usually highly significant for all the students, and especially for women, to see that their self-confidence has increased tenfold by the end of the training course, and when they start out in a new company.

Sylvie Charenton

These young women must dare to break the mold, be inquisitive, and forge their path into the industrial world that will welcome them with open arms. 

Mickaël Peixoto – Corporate relations advisor / L’Industreet

The women we have trained in our professions, either in maintenance or production, all received job offers and they all did brilliantly in their jobs.

Louis Verneuil 

It’s an asset to have a mixed team in a company. Having more women on the staff brings new perspectives.

Sophie Dagonet – RS Manager, energy sector / TSG Tolkheim

I strongly encourage those women who decide to pursue a career in technical, industrial or energy professions, to keep applying for jobs and put themselves forward in these sectors. They all have their rightful place there and we’d be delighted to have them on our teams. 

Marie-Ghislaine Cadeau 

Give it a try and you’ll be surprised!

Néné Niang 

I never once stopped to think “I’m I woman, so of course my choices are limited.” I never wondered about that at all, the sky’s the limit, I’m a woman, so yeah, why not?!”

TotalEnergies Foundation

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