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"A worker's workout"

The renovation of the Centre Salvandy – a historic gem in the Gers – to convert it into an economic and social activity center will contribute to the vitality of the region and the professional inclusion of young people.

Thanks to the combined support of TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation and the Fondation du Patrimoine, Alex Steux-Ligner is an apprentice builder working for ETC on the restoration worksite of the Centre Salvandy. He actively participates in all the worksite’s daily tasks, using the pneumatic drill, pouring concrete, cutting metal and wood, and learning how to lay foundations. 

For TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation, professional inclusion, young people and regional appeal are at the heart of its commitment. The Centre Salvandy is a perfect example, where more than 1,700 hours are devoted to professional inclusion with priority given to under-26 year olds. The restoration of this emblematic site will also revitalize the city center by providing the population with services at a local level, including social, administrative and economic, as well as tourist and cultural offers.

"Being a builder is a really fulfilling job. I get a lot out of it and I'll never be short of work."

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"A worker's workout"

"A worker's workout"

Centre Salvandy,
Condom (Gers)

The Fondation du patrimoine and TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation present "A worker's workout"


Alex Steux-Ligner, Worker, ETC

I'm Alex Steux-Ligner, I’m 20 years old, and work with ETC in Condom. I don’t like working sitting down, I don’t like working indoors, I really like working outside, which is why I chose the building sector. 

Rudy Rouleau, Site supervisor, ETC

If someone’s interested in building work, they’re going to like modifying something built several centuries ago and giving it a new lease on life. I think that to learn about building and enjoy the work, it's a good alternative to restoring monuments. 

Julie Covas, Cultural Dialogue & Heritage Manager TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation

The restoration of the Centre Salvandy perfectly illustrates the regional, social and youth-centered approach borne by our 2 foundations. The project combines showcasing historical heritage and training young people, with almost 1,700 hours of training and work on the worksite. A second-life project that will benefit all the inhabitants, particularly the young people, living in this area. 

Alex Steux-Ligner

I get to use a pneumatic drill, I make concrete, I cut metal and wood. I work on the machines a bit. I learned to make foundations too. A bit of everything. 

Anne-Marie Leroy, Regional Delegate Occitanie-Pyrénées Fondation du Patrimoine

The goals of the Fondation du patrimoine are to save one of Condom's emblematic buildings, which has a long history, and is also representative of both renaissance and classic architecture. 

Maurice Boison, President of the Ténarèze Community of Communes

It was initially an Oratorian College under the Ancien régime up until the Revolution. It then became a middle school and a high school up until 1974. Many people went there, I myself was a student in 1971. 

Alex Steux-Ligner

It’s really physical. To start with, it’s not appealing. The first days are really difficult, you ache all over, you feel muscles you didn’t know you had! Then after 2 or 3 weeks, you get used to it and then you don’t want to leave. The supervisor usually gives us things to do. If I don’t manage, he shows me. And he explains calmly and with lots of humor. It makes learning much easier. 

Rudy Rouleau

I chose Alex for his age. I liked the fact he plays rugby too, he has that team spirit, and that he’d worked as a landscaper, outdoors. He was going to be in his element. He adapts to hot and cold weather. 

Julie Covas

The partnership between the Fondation du Patrimoine and TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation started 17 years ago now. 

Anne-Marie Leroy

The Occitanie Pyrénées delegation has already supported 15 projects, including 7 in the past 3 years. Condom is a small town in the Gers. It’s in the middle of a rural area and we’ll be providing an extremely important panel of services to the population. 

Maurice Boison

And I think everyone will be really happy to meet here, as we’re working for the benefit of future generations. 

Alex Steux-Ligner

It’s an amazing job. Especially as it’s one that’s gradually disappearing. There will always be enough work. And in terms of knowledge and learning, it’s really rewarding. 


At the end of the project, young people will have benefited from almost 3,500 hours of integration.

The Centre Salvandy will house the local courthouse, the head offices of the Intercommunal social action center, Youth employment forums and “TAF” (work, future, training) fairs, a training organization and a coworking space.

Fondation du patrimoine with TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation