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What country?

United States (Texas) 


Who for?

Young people aged between 12 and 19


What actions?

A kingfisher makes a rapid appearance as a group of high school students embark aboard the Ivory Bill. For two hours, the boat glides along the meandering Neches River and its bordering pine forest. Under the command of Captain Tim, they learn about the river’s history and discover some of the many species of trees, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians that live in the water and on the riverbanks. The students participate in fun workshops throughout the excursion, conducting experiments both in the water and on the riverbed and observing the wildlife. 

The program by the Big Thicket Association helps teenagers better understand their environment and the importance of this unique ecosystem for the surrounding communities. For more than 50 years, the Big Thicket Association has been working to protect the biodiversity of the natural ecosystems in southeast Texas by raising awareness among young people and hosting researchers.

TotalEnergies’s Port Arthur refinery is located near the Neches River, which transports our products and equipment, via the Gulf of Mexico, around the world. That’s why, as part of its commitment to preserving waterways and the biodiversity they contain, TotalEnergies Foundation has been supporting the Big Thicket Association and its “Neches River Adventures” program for local middle and high school students since 2013. 


What impacts?

Since 2013, nearly 2,500  young people have been educated about the biodiversity and ecosystem of the Neches River.