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Tyme Education

In 3 questions, Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, founder and director, tells us about the shared commitment to young people of Tyme Education and TotalEnergies Foundation.

The partners of TotalEnergies Foundation share their experience: Tyme Education

The partners of TotalEnergies Foundation share their experience: Tyme Education

What’s your commitment to youth?

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo – Founder and Director – Tyme Education: We often forget that road accidents are the 1st cause of death among young people worldwide. I help deploy one of the Foundation’s programs, the VIA Program for safe mobility for all young people, which as its name suggests, acts on a global scale for the safety of young people in their daily movements.

What’s your project with TotalEnergies Foundation?

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo: TotalEnergies Foundation sponsors and deploys the VIA program and so needs a driving force in the field. And this driving force is provided by partners, NGO partners, TotalEnergies affiliates and TotalEnergies employees. And from our unassuming position, we do everything we can to make sure that everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

Can you sum up “creating partnerships” in a few words?

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo: We work hand in hand with NGOs and organizations worldwide, and it’s extremely impressive to see the convening power that a foundation like TotalEnergies Foundation can have. It’s also partnering with affiliates, their employees, and with educational and transport authorities. “Creating partnerships” is doubtless the most beautiful thing you can say when you’re interested in education in any way, shape or form.