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For the Rugby World Cup, TotalEnergies employees all pitched in to raise awareness of the risks of drink driving.

In Toulouse, Jorge is the Sustainable Development Coordinator at TotalEnergies Proxi Sud-Ouest. As part of the Action! program, which enables employees to give three working days a year to volunteer for citizenship initiatives, he chose to sign up with Claire and Morgane, for the Association Prévention Routière at the stand set up in the rugby village.

Their task was to provide information and raise awareness among fans through educational activities, and by distributing breathalyzers to the public who had come to watch the match on the big screen. An initiative supported by TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation. 

Since the Action! program was created in 2018, over 16,000 TotalEnergies Employees have volunteered for citizenship initiatives.

Action! Program - Rugby World Cup 2023: TotalEnergies employees volunteer

Action! Program - Rugby World Cup 2023: TotalEnergies employees volunteer

Narrator: We're spending the day with Jorge, who has decided to volunteer for the Action! program, for a cause that he supports. 

Jorge Coutinho Canelha – Sustainability Coordinator TotalEnergies Proxi Southwest: We're going to the rugby village in Toulouse, part of the Rugby World Cup. As a TotalEnergies employee, I'm volunteering for Road Safety here today.

- Hello. How are you?
- OK?

Narrator: The Action! program for TotalEnergies' employees is very diverse.

Jorge Coutinho Canelha: There are in-person missions and remote ones. That's an advantage in getting maximum interest from TotalEnergies employees. TotalEnergies gives us three days a year to contribute to the common good. Got to do that!

Mathieu Chang – Director, Fundraising & Patronage from the association Prévention Routière: Hello everyone. I'm Mathieu, from the association Prévention routière. Our mission is to do everything to change people's behavior so there are fewer accidents. 

Narrator: Is it important to have committed volunteers? 

Mathieu Chang: Our organization is very active. Without volunteers, we can't do what we do. So we absolutely need that help.

Narrator: Why is this partnership so successful?

Mathieu Chang: We really work and communicate well with the TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation. We have a clear, shared goal: reducing the number of road accidents, especially among young people.

Jorge Coutinho Canelha: Hello! A breathalyzer. When you get a couple of minutes, go to the association Prévention Routière.

Claire Castellarnau – B2B Energies Advisor TotalEnergies Proxi Southwest: At our age, we're concerned by this issue. That can help get the message across.

Narrator: Do you think this is useful?

Jorge Coutinho Canelha: Yes. If everybody could give a bit of time to talk to people, that's a win! These glasses show you the impact of alcohol at the wheel. They're a bit blurry. That's what a driver feels after drinking.

Narrator: Did you learn anything? 

Young man: Yes. I'm going to be careful next time.

Jorge Coutinho Canelha: Goodbye, and thanks. Kiss goodbye? See you. Thanks, Mathieu. It was really rewarding.

Narrator: So, how was your day?

Jorge Coutinho Canelha: Really good. I talked to about 100 fans. I gave them all breathalyzers. I got some of them into workshops of Road Safety. It was very rewarding. I got people in the fan zone to think about an important subject: drink-driving.

Claire, Jorge and Morgane volunteer for the community Action! Program.
That, too, is working for TotalEnergies.