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Paris Mozart Orchestra

In 3 questions, Claire Gibault, Artistic and Musical Director, tells us about the shared commitment to young people of the Paris Mozart Orchestra and TotalEnergies Foundation.

The partners share their experience: Paris Mozart Orchestra

The partners share their experience: Paris Mozart Orchestra

Claire Gibault – Artistic and Musical Director – Paris Mozart Orchestra

A lot of artists understand that we can’t just live in our own world of musicological, artistic and aesthetic excellence and that we have to help change the world and overcome the obstacles along the way.

What’s your commitment to youth?

I founded the Paris Mozart Orchestra twelve years ago, based on strong values, as I decided that 50% of the orchestra’s activities would be dedicated to educational, solidarity and humanitarian actions.

The support from TotalEnergies Foundation is crucial for us.

What’s your project with TotalEnergies Foundation?

TotalEnergies Foundation has been supporting the Orchestre Au Bahut program of the Paris Mozart Orchestra for three years now.

Every year, what we expect of the students is that they become creators, or at least co-creators with us. At the end of the year’s collaboration with the school where we have given workshops on oration, writing, choir singing, and where members of the orchestra have presented their instruments, we come and listen to their creations, have them sing with us, participate, and we also prepare them for their first concert in Paris.

It’s an incredible challenge to succeed in enthralling all these young people on a theme where everyone can find something that appeals.

Can you sum up “creating partnerships” in a few words?

It’s very important to have a lasting partnership over several years, because it helps us build and establish a true cultural and educational policy.

TotalEnergies Foundation is often present at events with us and its representatives realize the extent of the impact on young people’s educational and professional future, and of the role that artistic creation can play in personal development.

TotalEnergies Foundation for youth