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Supporting Microentrepreneurship in Nigeria

In her sewing workshop in Makera in Nigeria, thirty-something Rukayya Aliyu is proud to show off her creations. She left school in her mid-teens but was able to return to education later when she was accepted onto the skills acquisition program launched by TotalEnergies in Kaduna, a host region. The program offers young Nigerians the opportunity to complete a manual or technical training course. Since 2008, some 90 young people from socially vulnerable backgrounds have learned skills in such areas as welding, construction, carpentry, fish farming, hairdressing and IT. As the program aims to reduce youth unemployment, it also supports trainees who wish to create a microenterprise at the end of the training. For example, Rukayya Aliyu received a starter kit including a sewing machine, weaving loom and iron and the rent on her workshop was covered for two years. The young woman is now independent, can send her children to school and has taken three young apprentices under her wing. Every year, TotalEnergies Foundation invests €5 million in the initiative.



Lagos, Nigeria.
The skills acquisition program supported by TotalEnergies Foundation
is helping to reduce unemployment among young Nigerians.