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Our Road Safety actions

Road accidents kill 1.35 million people worldwide every year, and are the leading cause of death among young people aged 5 to 29.

TotalEnergies is a major player on the roads and highways, with over 4 million road users refueling at its service stations every day and over 700 million kilometers driven every year by its corporate truck fleet.

Safety is a core value that is embedded in all our processes, because it ensures our long-term sustainability as a business. That’s why our aim is to share our expertise with local populations - and young people in particular - to reduce the number of road victims and thereby contribute to achieving the ambitious goal set by the United Nations to cut road traffic deaths and injuries by half by 2030.

Leveraging three paths to safer mobility

At TotalEnergies, are combining three strands to a comprehensive road safety strategy, which aim to change behaviors, in particular among young people and vulnerable populations, and setting up training and awareness-raising programs to make everyone responsible for their own safety:

  • Training and awareness raising for vulnerable populations through the VIA program in particular, which aims to give road safety education to young schoolgoers.
  • Mobilization and increasing the competencies of local road safety players.
  • Advocacy to international organizations and local and national authorities to promote road safety initiatives.

Our other priority focus areas for youth