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Nicolas's testimony - BIM modeler technician

Nicolas's testimony - BIM modeler technician

I got my certification in the following days.

I already had my contract, I’d already begun to work.

L’Industreet, Initiative of TotalEnergies Fondation

Young people talk about it the best

My name's Nicolas and I’m 28. I’ve qualified in BIM, where I create 3D models of buildings.

What brought you to L’Industreet?

Before L’Industreet, I was an expert technician in the car industry.

I wanted a career change and actually, and i saw an e-mail from the French Job Center
advertising an innovative school.

I chose the BIM course.

It was really interesting to work on digital models for professions of the future.

Tell us about yourself 

My training course lasted about 12 months.

After that, I did an internship with a company called SXD.

Then I obtained my certification and then a long-term contract in the same company.

What did you like the most at L’Industreet?

What I really loved, were the activities we did during our training course. We did hip hop, dance and theatre.

Apart from the fact that it’s something innovative, it really brought us together. And also helped us gain in self-confidence.

It’s an extra educational value provided by L’Industreet.

An anecdote from your time at L’Industreet?

It was when I went through the selection process. They played a short TikTok with a choreography to do.

Of course, nobody knew one other and we had to dance the choreography. It was a bit embarrassing for everyone, but in the end it was an ice-breaker.

It made us all laugh anyway.

Any advice for someone wanting to enroll?

You really just have to let go. The Job Center provides support.

It’s something pretty unique we’re actually paid to come and learn in a school.

They teach professions of the future where demand is still high.

I got my certification in the following days. I already had my contract, I’d already begun to work.

What’s the next step for you?

I continued to work at SXD which was the company where I did my internship and which then gave me a contract.

I’m going to stay there to gain as much experience as possible and, in the future, I hope to climb the ranks or do something else.