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01/02/2021 News

Youth Inclusion & Education: Launch of a New Call for Partners

In 2020, eight nonprofit organizations working to promote youth inclusion and education were selected as part of a call for partners by Total Foundation. Another call is being held this year, beginning on February 15.

Helping young people succeed is Total Foundation’s purpose, with Youth Inclusion & Education one of its key commitments.

“Given the quality of the projects tendered in 2020, we have decided to carry out a new call for partners every year. The goal is to take action together so that we can put concrete measure in place more quickly to strengthen equal opportunity for young people and help them become independent by opening up new possibilities for them, all while contributing to regional vitality in France,” says Bruno Courme, Vice President of the Total Foundation program.

In 2021, the call for partners is particularly aimed at nonprofits working to:

  • Encourage initiatives by young people by bringing them on board to play an active role in projects that affect them.
  • Promote interaction between teachers and the world of work to help young people plan their future career.

Nonprofits are invited to submit their projects via a dedicated platform, where they can also find details on the selection criteria and methods.

The partners selected will receive funding and support for implementing their project (France scope), as well as expert advice and active contributions from our employees volunteering through the Action! program.