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17/06/2021 News

TotalEnergies’ French Corporate Foundation Renews Its Contribution to Fonds Nature 2050 Under the TotalEnergies Foundation Program

The French Corporate Foundation has been supporting environmental endowment fund Fonds Nature 2050 since its creation in 2019, in line with its commitment to Climate, Coastal Areas and Oceans, one of its four priority areas. The partnership has been renewed for two more years.


Fonds Nature 2050 pools contributions from patrons seeking to help fund Nature 2050 – a program of France-wide, long-term actions to apply the recommendations of the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement in the real world – and the projects it backs. Thanks to the commitment of its contributors, Fonds Nature 2050 can support and monitor through 2050 public-interest projects aiming to protect and restore biodiversity and help regions implement nature-based solutions to adapt to climate change. 

In 2019 and 2020, for example, the Foundation helped new projects get off the ground and contributed to climate-change adaptation and biodiversity restoration over eight hectares in France. A new agreement has just been signed to extend this commitment to 2021 and 2022. 

Nature 2050 is unique in its determination to lead long-term initiatives, prioritize nature-based solutions and harness the power of the collective, amplifying its ability to take action by bringing together scientists, nature-protection organizations, businesses, local authorities and public figures. 

Since its creation, 41 projects have been launched across ten French regions, covering almost 600 hectares. They all address issues relating to farmland and forest transition, and to the protection of biodiversity in wetlands, in urban areas, at sea and on the coast. 

In this second area, higher water temperatures, acidification, rising sea levels and many other climate challenges are increasing the stress on marine and coastal ecosystems. For this reason, strengthening their resistance to disruptions and taking action to protect them through Nature 2050 initiatives is vital to maintain their role as regulators of the environment and the climate.