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26/09/2023 News

TotalEnergies Foundation, major sponsor of the event-exhibition “Parfums d’Orient” (Oriental fragrances) at the Institut du monde arabe.

From September 26, 2023 to March 17, 2024, the Institut du monde arabe is inviting us on an olfactory and cultural journey through the exhibition “Parfums d’Orient”, which explores the history and diversity of fragrances in the Arab world, from Ancient times to the present day. Almost 200 ancient and modern works lead us on a path to discover the origins, uses, and meanings of perfumes in the different Oriental regions and civilizations.

L'Institut du monde arabe présente l'exposition Parfums d'Orient du 26 septembre 2023 au 17 mars 2024

The exhibition is centered on four main themes: raw materials, public spaces, religious rituals and intimacy. Each theme is illustrated by manuscripts, miniatures, fabrics, paintings, photos, performances, videos, as well as fragrant objects and scents especially created by Christopher Sheldrake, the British perfumer, considered by many to have revolutionized the world of perfume.

The exhibition “Parfums d’Orient” is a unique immersive experience, which takes us through time and space to learn about an ancient and deep-rooted culture. It shows us just how important perfume is in the Arab world, feeding its traditions and imbuing people’s daily lives.

TotalEnergies Foundation is pleased and proud to lend its support to this international event, whose program also corresponds to the celebration of 20-year partnership between the former and the Institut du monde arabe. As part of the exhibition, a number of mediation schemes and workshops aimed at young people will be held, reflecting TotalEnergies Foundation’s commitment to contribute to strengthening fellowship and promoting culture and heritage, sources of mutual understanding and emancipation.