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27/10/2023 News

TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation x association Prévention Routière (aPR): combined mobilization in the rugby villages to raise awareness to the risks of drink-driving

Throughout the event, TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation and the association Prévention Routière teamed up in the rugby villages in Nice and Toulouse. The aim was to raise fans’ awareness to the risks of drink-driving and encourage responsible driving. Illustration in pictures.

On October 14, for the two quarter-final matches in the tournament, members from the TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation, the association Prévention Routière and volunteers were ready and waiting. Their task was to inform and raise fans’ awareness through educational demonstrations and by distributing single-use breathalyzers to the general public who were watching the live broadcast on the huge screen. The campaign was set up right at the start of the competition, in the rugby villages in Toulouse and Nice.

The support from TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation - a major player in road safety - to the association Prévention Routière completes the partnership created in 2018, with both parties working toward a common aim - to reduce the number and severity of road accidents, whatever the mode of transport (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.) and the routes used (streets, roads or highways). The Rugby World Cup is an opportunity to remind as many people as possible of the essential road safety messages.

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Rugby World Cup 2023: the TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation and the “association Prévention Routière” (French Road safety Association) campaign to raise awareness among supporters of the risks of drink-driving

Rugby World Cup 2023: the TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation and the “association Prévention Routière” (French Road safety Association) campaign to raise awareness among supporters of the risks of drink-driving.

Michèle Khalife, Road Safety Project Manager, TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation: With over 600 million kilometers covered every year, road safety is more than a priority for TotalEnergies: it’s a cardinal value. Millions of customers visit our service stations worldwide: Mobility is something that’s part of our DNA.

Mathieu Chang, Director, Fundraising and Patronage, association Prévention Routière: Since 2018, we have been working with the TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation. We share a clear goal: reducing road accidents, especially among young people.

Michèle Khalife: It’s a good partnership: we have the expertise in transport and mobility, and aPR has the experience in drafting key awareness messages for raising awareness on road safety.

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[Display] Reducing the risks of drink-driving – 1/3 of fatal accidents are caused by drink driving.

Mathieu Chang: As part of Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, we are present in Toulouse and Nice fan zones throughout the event to raise awareness among supporters.

Michèle Khalife: When we talk about rugby, we link it to a lot of drinking at halftimes, and unfortunately the statistics show us that there are even more road accidents post-games. It’s our duty to be here, raising awareness around us.

Mathieu Chang: On our stand, we invite the public to two experiences: an “alcohol route”, to show people that, actually, it’s impossible to drive when drunk. The second one is about “alcohol pub dose vs alcohol home dose”. It is to show that the quantities of alcohol that we serve at home are not necessarily the same as those served in a pub or restaurant.

Spectator: With the same quantity in different glasses, it’s easy to make mistakes. We tend to drink more than we think.

Spectator: We tend to be a bit too confident when we drink a little. We think we’re the best in the world. It’s good to raise awareness, and be more careful.

Michèle Khalife: The key message is: yes, we can have fun, yes, we can party, but we have to be responsible. Choose the person who will drive you back home, carpool and get back home safe and sound. We’re getting started during the World Cup. We really want to take it further. For rugby, in the regions, the clubs, with young people, to recruit ambassadors to talk about road safety and we really want to keep going in the coming years.