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15/11/2023 News

TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation welcomes 12 new partners

The TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation teams are delighted to welcome 12 new partners that they are going to support over several years. The new partners are highly representative of the initiatives run in different regions (Lyon, Marseilles, Pau, Roubaix, etc.). Their common denominator is the tangible actions they take to encourage young people’s education or professional inclusion. TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation sincerely shares their commitment and on November 9 this year, at an informal event at L’Industreet, the Foundation welcomed the new players into a community that now boasts some 140 active associative partnerships.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, General Delegate of TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation, gave a short speech at the event:

TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation welcomes 12 new partners

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier – General Delegate TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation

Today my team and me are delighted to welcome the 12 new TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation partners to L’Industreet.

They come from all over France, and all of them have catalyzed initiatives to help young people in situations of educational or social vulnerability with their education or professional integration. The vocation of TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation is to support such initiatives, which is why we are overjoyed to have created these partnerships, and we’ll be supporting them in their projects over several years.

It’s of the utmost importance. We identify them by either a call for partners, by meeting them, or when they contact us directly. We’re very happy to add to our portfolio which now includes some 140 partnerships with associations who, once again, share the same determination to act in favor of young people’s education and professional integration.

Meet the 12 new partners and find out about their projects supported by the Foundation:

L'Alhambra cinémarseille - Pôle régional d'éducation aux images

Alhambra Cinémarseille

The “Toute la lumière sur les SEGPA” project aims to valorize SEGPA (Special needs educational division - intended for children who do not master the knowledge and skills expected on completion of their elementary school education) curriculums and their students through a wide-reaching artistic and cultural project. Middle-school students enjoy 36 hours of artistic activities. Throughout the academic year, the students produce a short film, supervised by professionals from the audiovisual sector and supported by their professors.



The LinkedOut jeunes program aims to help young people on the margins of society to find a job or go back to work. The fact that the youngsters do not have a socio-professional network is a major obstacle to their inclusion. The program federates innovative resources (technical, public communication, citizen mobilization) to create opportunities for people suffering from social exclusion to meet companies, and encourage their return to long-term employment.

Fondation C’Génial

Fondation C’Génial

The CGénial Competition is a result of a partnership between the CGénial Foundation and Sciences at School, and promotes the teaching of science and technologies in middle and high schools, in the general, technical and vocational courses. Grounded in the current scientific world, the CGénial Competition encourages creativity, practical thinking and a thirst for science and technology among students.

Im'pactes - Accompagner l'avenir des enfants protégés


TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation supports the Ambition program. Young people aged 13-18 are welcomed into “hives” - “neutral” Alveus co-learning areas. They are supervised by inspiring, well-meaning student-tutors (discussions, cultural outings, learning support). The aim is to prevent young people from dropping out of school and to help them successfully leave the Child Welfare Service (ASE) and make free and informed choices as to their professional future. 

La Condition Publique - Place Faidherbe Roubaix

La Condition Publique

LABO148 is a media education project for young people in Lille aged 15-30 years old, in particular from the social sector, that experiments with different formats of free expression from rap to photography, from engraving to sound design, from the organization of exhibitions and evening events at La Condition Publique to the production of web-documentaries, while supporting the young people with their personal projects. 

Le Concert de la Loge, Julien Chauvin

Le Concert de la Loge

Created in 2016, every year, the Hip Baroque Choc project offers students from high schools - mainly those studying vocational courses - to design and take part in the production of a creation combining baroque music, hip hop, declamation, applied arts, percussions, choir singing and theater, with professional artists. The aim of this project is to prevent young people from dropping out of school, improve their professional situation and encourage inclusion.

Le Rocher

Le Rocher

The “Insertion au Rocher project: a tailored solution for young people in vulnerable situations in priority areas” aims to lead young people toward long-term employment through a 4-step customized individual support program - approach, adhesion, support and independence - with a proactive outreach and backing from local partners.

Les Cités d'Or, bâtisseurs de citoyenneté

Les Cités d’Or

As part of the Les Écoles Buissonnières project, a group of around ten young people doing their civic service, sign up for a chosen project related to local residents and players, to help with projects that foster living together and getting to know one another. This commitment helps them to gain self-confidence, acquire new skills and develop their network, with an emphasis on living together and getting to know one another.

L'ENVOL - Arts & Transformation sociale


In partnership with guest artists, L’ENVOL offers young NEETs the opportunity to take part in Classe Départ, an innovative method of developing soft skills through the arts. Each Classe Départ comprises twelve to fourteen young people, aged 16-25, who have dropped out of school, or are marginalized, or are estranged from their families. Over seven months, they participate in cultural mediation and social cohesion activities through art.

Association Parcours Jeunes

Parcours Jeunes

This association supports middle-school students from Pau, by drafting in 130 volunteer tutors in higher education, to help them take their personal success and career choices into their own hands. The association organizes meetings between the students and tutors (2hrs per week in middle school) and they grow their skills together by benefiting from mutual exchange. Three types of support are available to students: help with homework, personal tutoring and finding out about different professions.

Social Builder - Mixité & numérique

Social Builder

The Women In Digital - 100% jeunes project is a course created in collaboration with active associations and intended for “unseen” young women. It includes a phase of remobilization and adaptation to the digital sector and support with outlining a career project, with individual mentoring and workshops to help them acquire skills. The aim is for them to go on to take the association's training program in digital professions.

Udaf Hautes-Pyrénées - Unis pour les familles


The Trav’ailleurs saisonniers project aims to give young people who are BPIs (International Protection Beneficiaries), access to seasonal jobs, supported by L’UDAF 65 and its partners, drawing on the expertise of its Seasonal employment center (Maison du travail saisonnier) and on the mobilization of its network of professionals.