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23/05/2024 News

TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation renews its partnership with the Fondation du Patrimoine

The Fondation du Patrimoine and TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation are pleased to announce the renewal of their partnership for another four years.

Having begun in 2006, the partnership is characterized by its focus on worksites selected by the Fondation du Patrimoine involving young people who are either job-seekers or have no qualifications.  The projects carry significant cultural advantages and are also a wonderful socio-professional lever for young people in vulnerable situations.  Since 2006, TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation has supported over 300 restoration sites

The new agreement between the two Foundations further strengthens the social dimension of the partnership, to focus on helping young people by promoting training or professional inclusion projects, for example through workshops and welfare-to-work programs (ACI), a socio-professional inclusion clause, or volunteer or educational-worksites to support remobilization.  TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation will also focus specifically on the eco-restoration of the sites it supports. 

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, General Delegate of TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation: “The renewal of our partnership illustrates the trusting relationship that has bound TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation and the Fondation du Patrimoine for almost 20 years now. By promoting heritage as a lever for training and learning, both Foundations offer young people the means to build a better future, and find a source of pride in the work they do which contributes to revalorizing different regions.”

Alexandre Giuglaris, General Director of the Fondation du Patrimoine: “For almost 20 years now, the Fondation du Patrimoine has benefited from the continual, unyielding support of TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation. We are delighted to continue our partnership for the next four years. Together, we will continue to make heritage a powerful stepping-stone to inclusion for young people, and to appeal for the regions. The worksites supported through our partnership give new life to heritage, hope to young people, and invigorate rural towns and villages.”