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27/05/2019 News

Total Foundation Supports Gigantisme, a Three-Yearly Event Blending Art and Industry


Gigantisme, an original and ambitious project taking place in Dunkirk until January 5, 2020, is a three-yearly contemporary art event that showcases some 200 works of monumental proportions. The exhibition, covering over 4,000 square meters, is set in the industrial and maritime landscape characteristic of Dunkirk. Organized by contemporary art spaces FRAC and LAAC, the exhibition features sculptures, paintings, films, site-specific works, furniture and performances by both young creators and acclaimed artists such as Daniel Burren, Yves Klein and Man Ray. In particular, Gigantisme explores post-war artistic expression against a backdrop shaped by economic upheaval, industrial strength and mass production. Total Foundation supports this extraordinary event, which brings together companies, artists, and private and public collections in order to celebrate art that is accessible to everyone and encourage young artistic creation. As part of the project, Donovan Le Coadou was offered six months’ residency in the Total Oleum training center, a former refinery in the process of being dismantled.