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22/12/2022 News


Take a look back on 2022 through pictures, featuring our public-interest initiatives with nonprofit partners and TotalEnergies employees.



Young people at the heart of TotalEnergies Foundation’s commitment.

This year, our public interest actions have flourished.

In France for the past three years, our call for Education & Inclusion partners has helped select 26 innovative projects with a strong social impact for 55,000 young people.

More than 400 young students have joined L’Industreet, TotalEnergies’ campus since its creation.

68 have received their professional certification.

Exaucé Bikoungou – Qualified trainee from L’Industreet: “Thanks to L’Industreet, I found a qualifying course that I enjoy.”

Samira Assaki – Qualified trainee from L’Industreet: “I've been offered a professional contract as from January.”

Steve Claire – Apprenant certifié de L’Industreet: “Already having job opportunities will help me realize my project.”

TotalEnergies Foundation has been supporting the Écoles de Production since 2018.

Today, 56 Écoles de Production welcome 1,400 young people.

In 2028, 100 Écoles will provide training to 4,000 young people.

With the Fondation du Patrimoine, for 15 years now, 270 restoration projects have been supported and over 700 jobs created or maintained.

For over 15 years now, the Naturenautes have hosted almost 3,600 students on camps to allow them to discover the treasures of nature in marine and coastal ecosystems.

With the SNSM, 1,518 volunteers were trained in sea rescue techniques in 2022.

On an international level, 320,000 young people in 35 countries have been made aware of road safety through the VIA Program.

TotalEnergies employees can devote up to three working days per year to public interest initiatives.

More than 13,000 of them have already volunteering through the Action! Program in over 100 countries.

TotalEnergies’ employees are also involved in mentoring initiatives.

Thanks to the partners, their teams, and our committed employees for working to open up new perspectives for young people on a daily basis.

TotalEnergies Foundation