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20/11/2023 News

Preserving the reed bed ecosystem with the Maison de l’Estuaire

The Maison de l’Estuaire, an association dedicated to nature conservation, manages the Seine estuary national nature reserve. This area includes many wetlands that are home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna, which are under threat. TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation has renewed its support for this association with the aim of preserving a reed bed and the species that live in it.

The Seine estuary national nature reserve, located close to the port and industrial area of Le Havre, extends over over 8,528 hectares. Owing to the facilities and neighboring human activities, the reed bed is aging in places and has a tendency to sediment and sink into the ground.

Consequently, it needs to be restored on a regular basis to maintain a mosaic of plant life that appeals to the species dependent on it (i.e. species that require a specific environment to develop), in particular birds such as the Eurasian bittern. 

Following on from its partnership with the Maison de L’Estuaire, created in 2021, TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation supports actions to maintain the reed bed (conservation grazing, regular removal of dead plant material, etc.) and monitor certain species typically found in this type of habitat. 

A nature workshop will also be organized for young students to take part in the reed-cutting and storage operations, an initiative that contributes to the young people’s training, and a priority for TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation.