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01/09/2022 News

Oceano pour Tous (Oceans for everyone), a competition to help young people discover the ocean’s treasures

Sortie en mer à bord du MALIZIA

How can we help young generations to know more about the Ocean and its environmental stakes? By introducing them to the wealth of marine biodiversity and the essential role the ocean plays for people and in regulating the climate; and also by involving them in actual projects to preserve and protect the oceans. That’s what the Oceano pour Tous competition is all about, an initiative from the Oceanographic Institute, Albert I Prince of Monaco Foundation, and supported by the TotalEnergies Foundation.

The Oceanographic Institute is working to enable young generations to gain a more in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in protecting the Ocean and identifying the means of action. That’s why since 2014, in France and in Monaco, it has organized Oceano pour Tous, in partnership with the French national education system.

For 2022-2023, a call for projects has been issued among high-school classes, and with a particular focus on applications from schools located in REP (Priority Education Networks) and REP+. 20 will be selected, i.e. approximately 600 students directly concerned. The project will also have a knock-on effect on their friends and families, which means that awareness could be raised among some 30,000 people.

Throughout the year, a team from the Oceanographic institute, specialized in scientific and cultural mediation, supports young people and their teachers by providing them with educational resources and online workshops. A whole range of possibilities to reveal the biodiversity of coastal areas, the research conducted by scientists, the marine-related professions and human impact on the ocean. Alongside that, young people have to design and implement a tangible action to help protect the ocean.

Each competing class has to prepare a five-minute video documentary to showcase the work they have done. The video should show the means used, the different players involved and the results obtained as regards the ecological impact. In June 2023, the winning class, selected by a jury of professionals, will be invited to spend two days in Monaco for the prize award ceremony. The students can take part in a snorkeling excursion or a boat trip to go whale watching.

As part of the Climate, Coastal Areas and Oceans priority, TotalEnergies Foundation backs the initiative, which aims to heighten the awareness of young people to marine and coastal environments in a climate change context, and for the winning class to discover these ecosystems close up as they go on a field trip. The project is a proactive contribution to the UNO sustainable development goals for education, raising awareness of climate change, reducing marine pollution and fighting ocean acidification. Oceano pour Tous helps young people, in particular those from priority education networks or rural areas, to create a special relationship with the sea, by participating in an inspiring, proactive group project.


Oceano pour Tous


An educational programme to create a strong link between younger generations and the Ocean

Call for projects in all French Academies

A competition for all secondary schools in France and Monaco

With a focus on priority education networks and rural areas

Developed by the Oceanographic Institute

Virtual Workshops



Inspiring class projects

Collective and shared work

Engagement of young citizens

In line with the sustainable development goals

Marine pollution

Ocean and climate change

Production of a video presenting the project

A jury of professionals selects the most impactful project

Prizes are awarded to the winning classroom

A trip to Monaco

Exploring the marine life

Our goal: “Build awareness of 30,000 people per year”

We need your help

“Support the youth and participate in the protection of the ocean”

Engage future generation OCEANO POUR TOUS for a preserved world