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24/02/2020 News

Moselle’s Youth Invited to Discover Eisenstein

As part of its commitment to promoting the diversity of cultures in its host communities and the vitality of the Group’s main regions in France, Total Foundation was the corporate patron of an exhibition entitled The Ecstatic Eye. Sergueï Eisenstein, Filmmaker at the Crossroads of the Arts, held at the Centre Pompidou-Metz until February 24, 2020.

Because we attach great importance to facilitating access to culture for young people who otherwise might not benefit, Total Carling, in collaboration with the museum, invited two middle schools located in educational priority areas on a guided tour.

Ninety students from Fameck Middle School and 45 students from Behren-lès-Forbach Middle School – on February 4 and 14, respectively – discovered the life and works of Russian filmmaker Sergueï Eisenstein, an admirer of atypical montages and unexpected combinations of images. The exhibition also shines a light on his life as a man of the theater, artist, collector, traveler and insatiable reader with a vivid imagination and a visionary approach, which earned him universal recognition as the “Russian Leonardo da Vinci”.

Following the exhibition, the young participants had lunch at the museum, then took part in a group session with seven Total Carling employees, who presented their professions and the world of business.