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28/01/2020 News

A MOOC to Let a Wider Public Gain Insight Into the Energy Transition

On January 27, IFP School kicked off the second edition of its MOOC,* “Energy Transition: Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future”. Total Foundation is supporting this free course, which awards participants certificates upon completion.

IFP School is part of IFP Energies Nouvelles, a public body conducting research and offering master’s courses in energy and sustainable mobility, every year awarding degrees to 500 young people from all around the world.

In an effort to let a wider public tap into its wealth of knowledge, in early 2019 IFP School launched the MOOC “Energy Transition: Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future”. Available to anyone, both online and via cellphone, the free course sought to inform students and professionals alike about energy transition challenges and the innovations shifting this field towards a decarbonized energy mix. The first edition saw 26,000 people in 130 countries participate.

On the back of this success, IFP School has prepared a second iteration of the MOOC. Over the course of five weeks, participants will follow the classes in short-video format, taught by twelve or so experts. Topics include the global energy landscape and its development, how renewable energies fit into the energy mix, carbon capture and storage, energy storage and efficiency, and bio-based products and biofuels.

The MOOC is intended for all individuals at university level and above, and requires roughly three hours of weekly study to receive the free certificate.

Total Foundation is providing financial support to this course, in line with Total’s ambition to become the responsible energy major and our commitment to free, high-quality education for young people all over the world.

Registration is open until February 21 and classes begin on January 27:

* MOOC: massive open online course.