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24/01/2023 News

Mentoring month, an initiative to reflect the commitments of TotalEnergies Foundation

Mentoring month began on January 10, 2023. On the agenda are a series of webinars, conferences, theme-based meetings and Mentor Day on January 26, where mentors will be in the spotlight. An opportunity to find out more about the benefits of mentoring.

Mentoring month is an initiative of the Collectif Mentorat, comprising 70 associations, some of them TotalEnergies Foundation partners, whose aim is to promote and develop mentoring in France. The event is a unique opportunity to thank current mentors for their commitment and also to encourage new candidates to join!

That’s why TotalEnergies has launched a promotional campaign for mentoring. Through the Action! program, Company employees have the opportunity to participate in a range of different initiatives to support young people, especially those in the most socially vulnerable situations. Alongside one of the partner associations, employees are invited to accompany their mentees in constructing their career paths and learning corporate codes, as well has helping them build self-confidence and broaden their horizons.

Over 150 employees in France are already involved in such initiatives. Contributing to young people’s success by giving them the means to take their destiny into their own hands is a great source of mutual fulfillment, as many mentors will tell you.

TotalEnergies is delighted to be part of this multi-company movement, which is a guarantee of maximum positive impact. Employees who volunteering as mentors is very much part of the DNA of our Company’s commitment. We share the firm belief that sustainable development can be viable only if it involves the young people who are tomorrow’s citizens,” emphasizes Agnieska Kmieciak, Senior Vice President, People & Social Commitment at TotalEnergies.

A word from the mentors

A word from the mentors

What is a mentor’s role?

Céline Fouriez, HSEQ Manager New Energies, TotalEnergies
My role is to accompany a trainee at L’Industreet, a girl in my case, who was taking the BIM (Building Information Modeling) course.

Thierry Dutilloy, One B2B Soluions / Sector Manager Mobility OEMs, TotalEnergies
Mentoring doesn’t mean managing.
It’s a different approach, a different way of listening, and the satisfaction of instilling confidence in a young person and leading them, or rather accompanying them, to success.

What are your first impressions?

Thierry Dutilloy
Mentoring means sharing and especially supporting the young people attending this second-chance school;
I think that when Alexandre phoned me to tell me he’d got his certification, I felt just as pleased as when my eldest daughter passed her BAC.

Lotfi Elmizhar, Low Carbon Solutions Manager, TotalEnergies
My mentee gained organization, rigor, learned to anticipate;
it’s the kind of framework I try to give him and we end up building a relationship, and now we’re almost friends.

Christophe Chamfeuil, Head of the Technical and Network projects Department, Corporate Network Division, TotalEnergies
The really positive thing is giving a 2nd chance, or even a 1st chance, to people who thought they’d never have one.

What were the benefits for you?

Céline Fouriez
I learned a lot in supporting her; it made a change from my daily activities as her background is very different to mine, so it was very interesting and rewarding.

Lotfi Elmizhar
Mentees also give to mentors, as they tell us their stories and it helps us put some of our woes into perspective when we hear what some young people have been through

Christophe Chamfeuil
It gives me extra meaning in my professional life and elsewhere, as I really feel I'm helping someone out.

A message to convince your colleagues to mentor?

Céline Fouriez
Go ahead, it doesn’t take up much time and it supports and helps a lot of young people in their professional lives and on the path to change.

Lotfi Elmizhar
The benefits for the community are substantial as it’s helping a young person find their way, so it’s a good feeling.
I really would encourage you to become a mentor.

Take a stand for young people too! Become a mentor. Go to the Action! Platform to look at the menoring missions proposed bu our partner associations.

Thanks to Céline, Prisca’s mentor
Thanks to Lotfi, Imrane’s mentor
Thanks to Thierry, Alexandre’s mentor
Thanks to Christophe, Tolga’s mentor