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24/07/2023 News

A look back in images at the Partners’ meeting

Many of the Foundation’s partners attended the event of July 10. On the agenda was a round-table meeting with Kodiko, La France s’engage and the Écoles de production on upscaling. The day also included get-togethers and convivial moments of sharing.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, General Delegate, reiterates how important it is to create occasions to meet up and celebrate “Creating partnerships” for youth, and to make it count.

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The Partners’ meeting

The Partners’ meeting
July 10, 2023

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier
General Delegate of TotalEnergies Foundation

I’m very pleased, as is the TotalEnergies Foundation team, to welcome you. If we can’t find a good reason to meet up, then we have to make one, and what better than a gathering before summer.

Today’s event aims to bring together TotalEnergies Foundation partners, to discuss both shared issues such as the change of scale, which was the topic for our round table and, naturally, to celebrate our partnerships, and I think that the partners among themselves have a lot of things to say to each another, and to learn from their respective experiences.

TotalEnergies Foundation has around 100 active partnerships over the course of a year. They’re associations of different sizes, but have a common denominator, a shared bond: young people, which is the vocation of TotalEnergies Foundation. Young people who are socially and educationally vulnerable, and to help them, we support many associations that are very proactive in the field to providing solutions for them.

It’s a real occasion to create partnerships, which is very important to us, and so there’s a lot we can learn from each other’s experiences. That’s why we organize these meetings, and I think I can say that’s the reason why these events are such a resounding success, because almost all our partners are here.

Thank you all, thank you and well done!

TotalEnergies Foundation