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20/04/2023 News

L’Industreet: a pool of young people trained in new industrial professions

Each year, L’Industreet organizes two job dating events, the aim being to bring together students looking either for internships, work-study programs or jobs and partner companies that are hiring.

L’Industreet, TotalEnergies’ campus for new industrial professions, opened its doors in Stains, Seine-Saint-Denis, in late 2020. Each year, it welcomes, free of charge, 400 young people aged 18 to 30, with or without qualifications, who are keen to build a solid professional project in the industrial sector. L'Industreet offers young people an innovative, customized and hands-on training method to develop both their technical and soft skills.

Young people starting training at L’Industreet are given a real opportunity to find a job or continue their studies in a sector that is hiring. There are currently 250,000 vacancies to fill in the industry and recruiters are having trouble finding candidates with the necessary qualifications. 

Watch the video to discover the joint interviews of HR managers in the industrial sector and of Mickaël Peixoto, in charge of corporate relations at L’Industreet, when we met them at the job dating event in February 2023.

L’Industreet: a pool of young people trained in new industrial professions

L’Industreet, a pool of young people trained in new industrial professions

Sophie Pentel

“Taking part in a job dating event is an opportunity to meet people”

Mickaël Peixoto – Head of corporate relations L'Industreet

“Today, we’re delighted to be holding a job dating event. We’ve invited 25 companies.” 

Excluding interview – Additional information: 25 companies present at the job dating event

Mickaël Peixoto

“The idea behind the job dating event is to help companies who have vacancies to fill and our students who are looking for either internships, work-study programs or a job to find the right match.”

Excluding interview – Additional information: 250,000 job offers are not filled in the industrial sector

Mickaël Peixoto

“It’s a major challenge as today the industrial sector has 250,000 job vacancies to fill. We work with them to try and promote these professions and train students together, as they will eventually be fully qualified and a real labor pool for the companies.” 

Sophie Pentel – HR Manager, specialized in Non-Destructive Testing Mistras France

“Every year, we look for about a dozen candidates to work in either Testing, Inspection or other professions.”

Sophie Dagonet – RH Manager, energy sector TSG Tolkheim

“Taking part in a job dating event is an opportunity to meet people. It’s always fulfilling to be able to express yourself in a more relaxed environment than a conventional job interview.”    

Sylvie Charenton – HR Manager for technicians & diversity, inclusion and disability Air France Industries

“We’re totally confident in the caliber of the candidates we come to look for at L’Industreet.“

Sophie Pentel 

“For us, it’s a partnership that means we can be sure that we’re talking to young people who have been trained in sectors that truly correspond to our needs in the field and to the professions we're looking to hire for as part of our recruitment and diversification strategies.“    

Mickaël Peixoto 

“We all start with the basic premise that we can promote these professions and make sure that more women decide to apply, as they have their rightful place in these sectors.
Students who take part in this kind of event can perhaps secure the promise of a job, even before they’ve finished their training.” 

Excluding interview – Additional information: Over 80 young people are already working or have continued their studies since the inauguration of L’Industreet.

Sylvie Charenton

“They’ve chosen a great inroad to working in industry. They’ll all have their rightful place there and will be able to really enjoy fulfilling their potential in their new jobs.”

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