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26/06/2019 News

A Joint Effort to Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

On April 15, a devastating fire at Notre-Dame de Paris gave way to an unprecedented wave of emotion and generosity. More than €800 million was pledged, €218 million of which was collected by French heritage preservation nonprofit Fondation du Patrimoine.

As a sponsor of Fondation du Patrimoine for nearly 15 years, Total immediately decided to make an exceptional donation of €100 million, believing that Notre-­Dame de Paris is both a universal symbol and an iconic monument that represents the host region in which the Group first put down roots.

Our employees in France and abroad also expressed their wish to participate individually, with a dedicated web page set up for them to pledge donations. In addition, as part of the Action! program, a number of employees offered to volunteer their time to help Fondation du Patrimoine process the many contributions it has received from individuals. All those involved are a living example of Total's conviction in the value of standing together.