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16/01/2020 Press release

The GRSF and Total Foundation announce partnership to advance data-related capacity building through the ARSO

Washington D.C./Paris - Total Foundation has joined the Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) as its newest donor partner. GRSF is a global partnership program administered by the World Bank, with a mission to help address the growing crisis of road traffic deaths and injuries in low and middle-income countries. Total Foundation and GRSF have signed a joint project to provide training, assistance and guidance to countries, with the goal of boosting their road safety analytic and data usage capacities.

This project will directly assist African nations to improve their road safety data and information systems and expand the use of data for better targeting of road safety treatments, better monitoring, more rigorous evaluation, and more effective advocacy. The initiative will also improve the data provided to the Africa Road Safety Observatory (ARSO), and further facilitate country to country learning opportunities from the Observatory.