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24/09/2021 News

France: the nine winners of our 2021 call for partners

Taking action together


Giving impetus to young people is a priority for TotalEnergies Foundation. This year, nine new associations have been selected by two juries, one national and one from southwest France, to join our other 40 partners committed to youth education and inclusion. These nine winners will be awarded three years of support to implement their projects, and will receive €1.4 million in financial assistance.

Motion synlab

Association SynLab

Association SynLab supports school teachers and principals. The Voies d’avenir project helps pupils at vocational high schools unleash their full potential and quickly find success.

Motion Lacq Odyssée

Lacq Odyssée

Lacq Odyssée makes its scientific and technological knowledge accessible to schools and the wider community. Its science center in Pau helps young people develop their critical thinking skills to form a more enlightened society.  

Motion Le cube

Le Fonds Le Cube 

Le Fonds Le Cube has rolled out a program in schools to educate young people on the societal and environmental challenges related to digital technology, and gets them to come up with solutions through the design of eco-responsible connected objects.

motion berlioz MJC

MJC Berlioz

MJC Berlioz is an association based in the heart of the Hameau district in Pau. Its APRIORI.TV project is a channel run by young people who develop their abilities and critical thinking skills through their involvement. 

Motion PPM

Parrains Par Mille

Parrains Par Mille offers marginalized young people the opportunity to meet with a volunteer in their area to help them see the world from a different perspective, gain confidence and prepare for the future.

Motion Pistes-Solidaires


Pistes-Solidaires in southwest France promotes European cooperation and encourages international volunteering experiences by and for young people in educational and socio-cultural spheres.

Motion R2E


R2E aims to bring schools and businesses closer together. It organizes teacher training and competitions to develop pupils’ skills and help them step into the world of work. 

Motion Simplon Foundation

Simplon Foundation

Simplon Foundation promotes inclusive and eco-friendly digital solidarity. 
The Hack’teur certification course gives young people without jobs or training an insight into the digital sector, while helping them build their career path.

Motion Wake up cafe

Wake up Café

Wake up Café supports young people who have been released from prison to help them fully re-enter society and not re-offend. The aim is to achieve their complete rehabilitation through tailor-made inside-out assistance and a supportive community.

  • Association SynLab

  • Lacq Odyssée

  • Le Fonds Le Cube

  • MJC Berlioz

  • Parrains Par Mille

  • Pistes-Solidaires

  • R2E

  • Simplon Foundation

  • Wake up Café