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07/07/2023 News

Follow our on-site reporter on graduation day at L’Industreet!

Pride and elation – the emotions of the young graduates and the teaching staff at L’Industreet were captured on camera by our reporter at the graduation ceremony on June 21, 2023.

At the award ceremony, and in just under two years since the campus opened, the milestone of 100 graduates was reached.

Watch the video 

Graduation day at L’Industreet, June 21, 2023

Follow our on-site reporter on graduation day at L’Industreet!


Hello, today we're at L'Industreet near Paris.
L'Industreet gives training in professions of the future and today's a special day, as it's graduation day.
As it's June 21, the celebration is going to be set to music! Follow me!

The ceremony's about to start, let's go see how the graduates feel!

Reda Hamdaoui - Certified - Technician BIM Modeler 

It's really great to graduate. 

Hakim Assaoui – Certified - Technician cleaning team leader

I'm proud to be here today and take part in this ceremony.


Are you stressed?

Hakim Assaoui

Yes, because it's the 1st time for me on stage!

Julien-Junior Mendes - Certified - Technician leaning team leader 

A bit, as there's a big audience, otherwise I'm fine.


The success of today's graduates is partly down to the instructors. Let's go see what they think. 

How many of your students are graduates today?

Marie-Gislaine Cadeau - Training instructor - Non-destructive testing

Hmm let me count: 1...2......5!



Marie-Gislaine Cadeau



Are you proud of them?

Marie-Gislaine Cadeau

Yes, really, really proud.


There are 33 graduates today, from several professions like NDT, multi-services, energy, production lines, digital tech.

The ceremony is under way let's go see.

Olivier Riboud - L'Industreet principal 

It's a pleasure for me to welcome you for this 3rd graduation ceremony.

Safia Tami - Director of partnerships and recruitment - L’Industreet 

Calling on stage,



Sarah !


What does it feel like to be a graduate?

Mama Traoré - Certified - Technician cleaning team leader 

It feels great. Great to go on stage, it's a special moment.

Rayen Ben Ayed - Certified - Technician BIM Modeler 

Proud to have succeeded and receive my degree today.

Myriam Ben Moussa - Certified - Technician BIM Modeler 

A real pleasure, because I'm going to continue my studies.


What did you get out of mentoring?

Djafar Hadjaz - Certified - Technician photovoltaic maintenance

I feel more mature, professional, it gave me a lot.

Florence Varescon - Mentor - Retired from TotalEnergies 

It's a wonderful human experience.

Sabrina Rattinam - Mentor - TotalEnergies employee 

It was really fulfilling, to support a highly-motivated young person, who kept at it.
I'm actually moved that she's a graduate today. She can be really proud of herself.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier - General delegate of TotalEnergies Foundation 

We've celebrated the fact of having reached the 100-graduates milestone.
Since we opened this campus just over 2 years ago, for new industrial professions.

Olivier Riboud 

Young people can train in 7 months others in 24. What matters to us, is for the young person to be employable and that they master the skills at the end of their L'Industreet course.


Does an L'Industreet graduate have a high chance of being employed afterwards?

Safia Tami 

Definitely. 80% of our students graduate and 60% of them find jobs immediately.


When do you graduate?

Scotty Labissière - Technician in training - Non-destructive testing

My exam is next month, in July, and if all goes well, the month after I'll have been hired by a company.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier

These young people have found their professional career, they'll have a long-term contract, or continue their studies, and that's fantastic because it's exactly what we designed this campus for.

Julien-Junior Mendes

I'm looking far ahead, in 5 or 10 years, I'm looking ahead to then.

TotalEnergies Foundation for youth