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23/12/2019 News

Final Call for Traversées

The historic center of Poitiers, France, which includes the Palais des Ducs d’Aquitaine and its surroundings, is currently undergoing an extensive, decade-long urban renewal project led by the local authorities. As a first step, the neighborhood is playing host to Traversées, a contemporary art festival, until January 19, 2020. Total Foundation is lending its support to the event.


At the heart of the first Traversées is the total creative freedom given to Kimsooja, a South Korean artist whose work centers on travel and exile. For the festival, she is taking over a number of iconic heritage sites – including the famous Palais des Ducs, open to the public for the first time – and creating an original trail of art across Poitiers.

At the same time, some 40 cultural players have designed a program that will turn the city into a playground for creative expression, offering quirky theatrical tours, concerts, participatory artworks, conferences and debates, workshops for children, sensory experiences and more.

As part of its commitment to culture and heritage, Total Foundation has helped fund the event, which is aimed at giving people in and around Poitiers a fresh look at the wealth of history in the area. Inspired by the Group’s deep roots in the region through the historical presence of affiliate Saft, our support is also underpinned by our drive to make culture accessible to all and to create a dialogue between heritage and contemporary art.