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15/06/2022 News

An ecosystem of partners underpinning the success of young students at L'Industreet

L’Industreet, the campus for new industrial professions, designed and developed by TotalEnergies Foundation, opened its doors in Stains in late 2020. This training course is entirely free of charge and offers young people aged 18 to 30 an innovative, customized and hands-on training method to develop both their technical and soft skills. L’Industreet and the Foundation work hand in hand with several of their partners to offer the students novel and instructive experiences that will make it easier for them to enter the labor market.

The training courses proposed by L’Industreet last 8 to 18 months, with 35 teaching hours a week. The technical training course combines 80% hands-on experience and 20% theory. On Friday afternoons, L’Industreet students develop their cross-functional skills and are able to practice activities such as cultural discoveries, sports, developing a business project or running a citizenship initiative. Each activity, carried out for seven weeks, enables them to develop human and behavioral skills, including motivation, autonomy, team spirit, commitment, open-mindedness, initiative, self-confidence, stress management, and so on. These soft skills will be recognized by an Open Badge awarded to the students when they graduate and are something they can point up when looking for a job.

Within this framework, a group of young people chose, for example, to set up a solidarity grocery store for students having difficulties in meeting their food needs. Another project resulted in a community outreach program last winter. Another example saw around 20 young people take part in an initial panel selecting associations that will be supported by the foundation La France s’engage.

L’Industreet students test the new virtual reality module of the VIA program

Because having a driver’s license, and on a larger scale, knowing how to behave safely on the road are valuable assets for obtaining a job, L’Industreet, in partnership with TotalEnergies Foundation, proposes and adapts the VIA program, providing students with education in mobility and road safety. Here again, Open Badges will certify this skill. As part of the program, the youngsters were able to test a new virtual reality module.

Alongside this, the students studying to become BIM modelers are welcomed once a month at the Institut du Monde Arabe. They can visit the museum, discover the technical facilities and take a look at what happens behind the scenes, as well as attend workshops related to the professions featured in the training course they are taking. In 2021, they built a model of an imaginary Arabian city. In 2022, they worked on creating a ceramic wall fresco using mashrabiya stencils reminiscent of the traditional architecture of Arabian countries. The work was inaugurated by Jack Lang, President of the Institut du Monde Arabe. The young people are currently working to build a model of the forecourt of the IMA in partnership with an architecture school and a design school. The project outcome will be presented sometime in 2023.

These original experiences give students the opportunity to enhance their technical skills, broaden their cultural horizons, and develop their autonomy, self-confidence, team spirit, coordination and organization. Excellent qualities and real assets in terms of employability.

Inauguration of the wall fresco “Oeil de Lumière, Couleur du désert” created by L’Industreet students, attended by Jack Lang, President of the IMA.