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13/05/2020 News

Covid-19 : Supporting Women’s Success in the World of Work

Total Foundation makes it a point of honor to support nonprofits working to advance gender equality in society and the workplace by empowering women to play an active role in economic development. Our partners are continuing their efforts to maintain this vital momentum through the Covid-19 crisis.

Empow’Her is ensuring that its activities can continue while complying with lockdown measures

With a presence in several countries in Africa, in France and in Peru, every day nonprofit Empow’Her sees the huge potential of female entrepreneurs, but also the challenges and discriminatory practices they are faced with. It works to give them access to training and support services. Empow’Her has had to close its facilities due to the Covid-19 crisis but, mindful that entrepreneurship will be hit hard, has made its content and training programs available online. Its teams, coaches and experts are also working to create new tools and organize online events to maintain ties across the Empow’Her network. In addition, the nonprofit is already anticipating post-crisis needs and planning its initiatives accordingly to help members withstand the economic repercussions and support those hardest hit.

Women in Africa: Maintaining Visibility and Momentum

Launched in 2017, today the Women in Africa (WIA) community works to boost the visibility of its high-potential African women entrepreneur members who act both as a role model and a driving force. When its annual summit – planned for late June in Marrakesh – was canceled, WIA immediately decided to create a one-off, 90-minute television program highlighting outstanding female entrepreneurs in all industries. The show will be broadcast on TV5 Monde in September. WIA is also using a wide range of technologies to help these women stay in touch with each other and with the major groups and experts supporting them in their careers, offering webinars, forums for discussion with its partner speakers, investors and entrepreneurs, and coaching and e-mentoring sessions. The WIA Link platform, which was launched thanks to backing from Total Foundation, is now free for everyone to use to keep the network going strong. Lastly, WIA is working to identify potential measures to provide financial support for the women who need it most.

Becomtech: Opening up Possibilities for Young Women Through Digital Media

Lockdown restrictions have made digital media more important than ever for contributing to and taking part in economic life. Becomtech is continuing to raise awareness among young women (aged 14-17) through interactive online modules such as mini-games, quizzes, theoretical and historical content and discussions about equality, the professions of tomorrow and career choices. The nonprofit has stepped up its remote activities to keep up ties with its community of female ambassadors, with initiatives such as website competitions, videoconference meetings with tech professionals and contributions to creating awareness-raising modules online.  

We support the work of our partners because we firmly believe that women have a key role to play in resolving the current crisis, whether it be by putting forward innovative solutions, sharing best practices, or developing ways to tackle the difficulties companies are finding themselves faced with.