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18/05/2020 News

In Angola, Irina Volunteers to Help Replant Mangroves

We set off to the coastal region of Ramiros, south of Angola’s capital, Luanda, to speak to Irina Almeida, head of technical documentation at TotalEnergies. She explained why she is taking action alongside the Otchiva nonprofit organization to help replant mangroves.

The Action! program offers every TotalEnergies employee the opportunity to give back to the community, like Irina, by volunteering three days a year for initiatives supported by TotalEnergies Foundation near their workplace.

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TotalEnergies Employees Take Action!


Fast-growing cities in Angola have gradually replaced mangrove forests. But these wetlands are a precious resource, harboring rich biodiversity, helping to limit coastal erosion and mitigating the impact of climate events. Since its foundation in 2016, Otchiva has made it possible to plant more than 300,000 mangrove seeds across 600 hectares.

Close to 200 employees like Irina have already taken part in initiatives under the Action! program in Angola, primarily to protect forests and promote youth inclusion and education. 

Worldwide, more than 3,600 employees have got involved in Action! since its launch. That’s TotalEnergies too!

TotalEnergies Employees Take Action!

My name is Irina Almeida. I’m 33, I’m married and have two kids.
I was born and raised in Luanda.
I enjoy sports, time with my kids, my family, the beach and reading.
Today, I lead a small team. I’m head of service technical documentation.

I found out about the Otchiva project through the company volunteering program.
Now, we can donate up to three working days to support local initiatives.
These three days make a difference. It is a wonderful initiative.

Fernanda Renée – Otchiva program founder:
First, we’ll start by collecting mangrove seeds in a completely sheltered area.

Cazanga Island

The Otchiva project’s goal is to restore all the damaged mangrove areas in Angola.

It’s important for me to get involved in the community. I grew up in a war-torn country. My neighbor’s welfare, my neighbor’s happiness are important. If my neighbor’s not well, I can’t see how we can be well.

There are loads of seeds here. This is what we’re going to replant.

Zone coastal area

In a line! Two meters away, come on!

I’m happy. We’re doing good. We’re doing something for our wellness, for nature, for the environment, something good for biodiversity, for our future.
I feel great!

We did it! 10,000!

Irina is head of service technical documentation at TotalEnergies in Angola.

Through the Action! Program, she donates 3 working days a year to local initiatives.

That’s TotalEnergies Too.