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18/03/2018 Press release

Youth Vocational Training: Total Commits to Becoming the Main Partner of "Ecoles de production"

Paris – Dominique Hiesse, Chairman of the French National Federation of "Ecoles de production" (FNEP), and Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total, today signed a partnership agreement between Fondation Total and "Ecoles de production".

Under a patronage agreement, Fondation Total undertakes to provide the FNEP with €60 million in financial assistance over a ten-year period. This long-term support will accelerate the development of "Ecoles de production" in France, particularly in industry-related professions, and thereby help the network secure country-wide coverage, with one institution per department.

The FNEP has achieved tangible results when it comes to training young people who have left school early. Its goal is to build a network of 100 "Ecoles de production" within ten years, which means adding around eight schools each year. This major partnership – in line with Fondation Total commitment to youth inclusion and education – will help create up to six of those schools per year.

Through these initiatives, the FNEP and Fondation Total will be able to offer hundreds of young people skills-qualification training that is recognized in industry circles. Eventually, close to 2,000 young people will graduate from "Ecoles de production" each year.

“Total’s support is a very important sign of recognition that will go down in the history books of "Ecoles de production". The resources made available via this partnership with Fondation Total will safeguard and broaden our schools’ future,” said Dominique Hiesse, Chairman of the FNEP. “"Ecoles de production" are a genuine means of combating early school leaving since they are based on the idea of exercising a profession while at school and rediscovering the joys of learning. At our institutions, young people work for real customers and fill actual orders billed at market prices. At the end of their training, it’s as though they had already worked for a company, so they can hit the ground running. What’s more, 100% of our students find a job after graduation.”



Total and Youth Vocational Training  

“I’m very proud that Total is supporting "Ecoles de production", which are renowned for their success in training young people and helping them into the workforce,” said Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total. “Some people may wonder why a multinational corporation is partnering with these schools. I strongly believe that a company like Total, which has benefited so much from globalization, has a duty to share its success with the regions that contributed to it. We have an inherent attachment to France, its industry and its youth. Associating the name of a major industrial company with this vocational training program will help shine a spotlight on these educational pathways, which play such an important role in helping young people access employment. Companies are members of the larger community and, as such, have a social and civic responsibility to it. With this major initiative in favor of young people and our host regions, we are stepping up to our responsibility by making a tangible commitment.”

In addition to Fondation Total’s partnership with "Ecoles de production", Total has decided to support the development of vocational training by welcoming 1,500 apprentices each year at various Group sites throughout France (representing around 5% of its workforce in the country).

About "Ecoles de production"

The French National Federation of "Ecoles de production"(FNEP) is a network of private, nonprofit technical education institutions accredited by the French State. The FNEP encompasses 25 "Ecoles de production" in France, where more than 750 students work toward achieving government­ approved vocational qualifications at a variety of levels.

"Ecoles de production" offer young people aged 15 to 18 skills-qualification training that prepares them for entry into the workforce, based on a “learning by doing” approach. Students learn a trade by producing products or offering services in response to actual orders from customers. These innovative learning methods improve young peoples’ employability. The schools provide a wide range of training in trades currently hiring across various business sectors, including manufacturing, construction, automotive engineering, digital technology, foodservice, carpentry and landscaping.

About Fondation Total

Total’s community engagement is part of a wider ambition to become the responsible energy major. Fondation Total aims to contribute to the growth of the Total Group’s host regions, alongside members of the larger community.

More specifically, Fondation Total focuses its actions on young people, because it is essential to provide them with the resources they need to become well-rounded adults and build a better future.

It works in four priority areas – youth inclusion and education, road safety, forests and climate, and cultural dialogue and heritage – all of which are key to regional development.

These programs are devised and implemented with the help of experienced partners, providing effective solutions to the challenges facing society.


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