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What country?



Who for?

Young musicians aged 16 to 18 from the Toliara region in Madagascar’s Deep South.


What action?

TotalEnergies Foundation teamed up with the Toliara branch of the Alliance Française, an organization championing French language and culture, and Atsi-MöZika, a music composition workshop, to promote the burgeoning Madagascan music scene. In 2018, Atsi-MöZika selected a number of young musicians, writers and composers who incorporate traditional instruments such as the marovany and the kabosy into their pieces and offered them training from music professionals. The following year, some of the young musicians were then chosen to tour across the country, fostering a greater exchange of musical practices and traditions throughout Madagascar.


What impacts?

Thanks to this cultural initiative, 60 young musicians received music lessons, including 16 who then had the opportunity to tour nationwide. Eleven concerts were organized within the Alliance Française network in Madagascar, attended by over 5,000 people in total.