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Which country?


Target population?

Young motorcyclists from three associations: FMFM (Fitaterana Manampy Fiaraha-Monina), ATM (Association des Team Motos) and Tia BWS Mada.

Through which actions?

The World Health Organization estimated that more than 7,000 people – mainly young people, pedestrians, and motorcyclists – were killed in road accidents every year in Madagascar.

In light of this observation, a training program for motorcyclists was set up. This project was carried out by the NGO Amend, which works to reduce the number of road accidents in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Madagascan association Lalana, whose objective is to raise citizens’ awareness of the sustainable development of transport in rural areas.

For around 10 days, motorcyclists were able to take three-hour training sessions overseen by a professional motorcycle instructor. The course included a theoretical part on how a motorbike works, road signs, and the regulatory framework, and a practical part, on the road, to acquire good driving habits (see and be seen, emergency stops, traffic circles, crossroads, U-turns, and overtaking).

On November 11, 2022, at the end of the first training cycle, the motorcyclists were awarded their certificates in the presence of the local authorities at the Ivato International Conference Center in Antananarivo.

The initiative, supported by TotalEnergies Foundation and TotalEnergies Marketing Madagasikara, is in keeping with the Company’s aim to contribute to the development of its host communities, alongside local players. For TotalEnergies, a major player on the road, safety is a key value. This is why, through its public interest TotalEnergies Foundation program, it is committing to safer mobility and thereby contributes to the objective of the United Nations to halve the number of road accident victims by 2030.

What are the impacts?

In Madagascar, 85 motorcyclists received training during this first session. On the island, this project completes the road safety education initiatives carried out as part of the VIA program, in place in high schools since 2022 with the support of TotalEnergies Foundation, and of the program “On the road to safety” which helped raise awareness among 60,000 children in primary schools from 2014 to 2020.

Training for motorcyclists is also being rolled out in seven other African countries and more than 1,000 people have already benefited from it.