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"Learning by Doing" is a proven method

Applied to L'Industreet and Iron Academy

"Learning by Doing" is a proven method

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier – Managing Director TotalEnergies Foundation

The commitment of TotalEnergies Foundation is youth.

It was important to make this known to all of our stakeholders, but also to change the way people see these vocational streams, which are often unfamiliar, when they are in dire need of skills across the country.

Olivier Riboud – Director of L’Industreet

The awarding of certificates is a chance to highlight and recognize the value of our trainees.
But also to highlight all those who contribute to this venture.

I call to the stage: Exaucé, Yaya...Yaya. Lenny.

Samira Assaki – Qualified trainee from L’Industreet

I'm so happy and proud to have my certificate.

I did my internship at TotalEnergies, and they offered me a one-year professional contract starting in January.

Exaucé Bikoungou – Qualified trainee from L’Industreet

L’Industreet gave me training with a qualification and enjoyment.

Steve Claire – Qualified trainee from L’Industreet

Already having job opportunities will enable me to complete my project.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier – Managing Director TotalEnergies Foundation

"Learning by Doing" is a proven method. That's why, with L’Industreet and Iron Academy, we decided to offer concrete, operational training that immediately results in jobs for those who want them.

Françoise Candier – Executive Director École de Production Iron Academy

Today, we're inaugurating Iron Academy. We'll train youngsters for a locksmith-metal worker certificate. Then, they can go further at L’Industreet or elsewhere. 

But we have the bonus of being on campus right next to L’Industreet.

Patrick Carré – President French National Federation of The Écoles de Production

Today, I'm very happy and enthusiastic. We're inaugurating a production school and all our partners from TotalEnergies Foundation are present, and they have all stated their satisfaction with the development and founding of our schools.

Célia Vérot – Director General French Heritage Foundation, Partner of TotalEnergies Foundation

In L’Industreet, we've seen an inspiring model for professional training which produces qualified professionals.

We at the Fondation du Patrimoine can now dream of doing the same thing for national heritage.

Fondation TotalEnergies, pour la jeunesse
TotalEnergies – September 2022