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La France s’engage

In 3 questions, Damien Baldin, General Manager, tells us about the shared commitment to young people of La France s’engage and TotalEnergies Foundation.

The partners of TotalEnergies Foundation share their experience: La France s’engage

The partners of TotalEnergies Foundation share their experience: La France s'engage

What’s your commitment to youth?

Damien Baldin – General Manager – La France s'engage : La France s’engage does a lot for young people. Identifying the best social innovations, selecting them, financially backing them, accompanying them and showcasing them. When you take a look at all the beneficiaries, the structures that receive help and are accompanied and supported by La France s’engage, more than half of them concern young people.  

What’s your project with TotalEnergies Foundation?

Damien Baldin : TotalEnergies Foundation supports all the actions of La France s’engage. Among these projects are, of course, some that receive particular attention and commitment from TotalEnergies Foundation. I’ll take an example that I know inside-out: Le Choix de l’école. What is Le Choix de l’école? It’s an association that fights to give greater value and appeal to the teaching profession, which is a keystone profession. Today, this association continues to receive help from TotalEnergies and from La France s’engage and it is at the heart of all our actions.

Can you sum up “creating partnerships” in a few words?

Damien Baldin : The support from TotalEnergies is of course financial, but it is also strategic and provides us with human resources. It also provides what is known as “skills-based sponsorship”, which means harnessing employees’ commitment. A partnership is also crucial when it comes to fighting for causes. And it’s necessary to remember that social innovation, social inequalities, and youth poverty, are all causes worth fighting for. And we need to fight for these causes together.