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“Helmet4Life” is a initiative supported by the TotalEnergies Foundation program and locally by 40 TotalEnergies affiliates across three continents. In 2023 and 2024, 100 000 helmets are handed out in 34 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific (India, Cambodia, Vietnam) and in America (Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Chile). The helmet distribution campaign is accompanied by a unique road safety awareness sessions, particularly focused on motorized two-wheelers.

This operation will also contribute to the objectives of the "Global Safe & Affordable Helmet Campaign" led by Jean Todt, the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for Road Safety.

Till date, 30 countries have already rolled out the initiative.

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    awareness modules

A program that has attracted a lot of followers across the world

In Senegal

Mission accomplished! The 2,500 helmets received were all distributed during a high-impact deployment campaign. The affiliate benefited from the participation of ambassadors who are popular public figures in Senegal, and who took it in turns to get the message across. The captain of the Senegalese national football team, Kalidou Koulibaly, led a wide-reaching awareness campaign in his hometown Ourossogui.

In Burkina Faso

In addition to the implementation of an effective system to distribute the 2,500 helmets to young people in several schools and education centers in the country, the Burkina Faso affiliate went the extra mile and developed  the awareness-raising module to cater for The Integrated Education and Training Center for Deaf and Hearing People (CEFISE) on world disability day, held in December every year.

In Togo

The Togo affiliate was the first to launch the campaign, and dedicated some of the 2,500 helmets received to women through the SHARE excellence program, involving mainly female students from the University of Lomé.

In the Dominican Republic

To optimize the distribution of the 2,500 helmets received and guarantee a real positive impact, the affiliate decided to target regions where the number of road accident victims and the number of fines for not wearing helmets are the highest. Photo of an awareness-raising session for a motorcycle-taxi association.

In India

The Indian affiliate is the one with the most helmets to hand out: 20,000. To ensure the success of the operation the affiliate not only adapted the content of the awareness-raising session into the different languages spoken, but also added local information intended to make the sessions as relevant as possible.

In Cambodia

The Cambodian affiliate distributed some of the 7,300 helmets received as part of the “Safe Driving” campaign, with the aim of heightening awareness and encouraging road users to respect traffic regulations. The campaign is backed by the local authorities, and some of the leading figures include the Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, the Minister of the Interior and the National Road Safety Committee.

"Helmet 4 Life" in 3 points

A dramatic number of motorbike accidents

28% of road deaths worldwide involve motorized two-wheelers. A percentage that can reach up to 75% in certain countries.

Source: figures based on the 2018 WHO Global status report on road safety

A unique road-safety awareness sessions

Drivers of motorized two-wheelers (both general public and professionals) are made aware of the importance of wearing protective equipment, of risk situations, vehicle maintenance and compliance with rules.

Quality, certified helmets for all

The helmets comply with ECE 22-05 standard, and with the IS4151-2015 one for the Indian market and are suitable for use in humid climates and high temperatures.